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Super Hook by WallBuddies x Qty 2

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Qty 2 x Super Hook by WallBuddies 22mm + pins
Unique hook design from WallBuddies which we have come to describe as an ‘upside-down’ picture hook. Use in the handed pairs with any of the three sizes of WallBuddies.
Measure between the centre of the WallBuddies on the frame and with help from Post Its, measure and mark the position of the Super Hooks. Get the hooks as level as you can and the design of WallBuddies helps with final levelling of the frame.

• Super Hooks work with all three types of WallBuddies.

• Super Hooks also work well with most sawtooth hangers fixed along the top of a frame. The sawtooth hanger sits on the top of the hook and the hook does not show above the top of the frame. Not like most other hooks.

22mm x 6mm approximately. Steel Zinc Plated. Safe working load 2kg.