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Photo Collage 12 ” x 16″ , Blockmounted

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Photo Collage Block Mount 12″ x 16″ from your digital Images.

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Let a Photo Collage tell your story.

Pick a collection of 12 – 18 of your digital photos and Let’s turn them into a fantastic 12″ x 16″  block mounted photo Collage.

You just send us a collection  of your favorite pics (jpeg files) and we’ll do the rest.

You can easily send us those files , using the popular , easy to use transfer website : We Transfer  (to our email Just click this red  “Transfer Files” button to transfer files.


Transfer Files


We will create the Collage , print it on quality photo paper, cover seal it and block mount it on 15mm MDF, so when you receive it, its ready to hang on your wall.

It is guaranteed to give great pleasure, reliving those special moments for many years to come.

We we will ship it to you  by GLS courier , Nationwide , FREE

You may also order additional copies of the Block Mount Photo Collage at a greatly reduced price (at time of order only )

Preserving memories - great day out

The collage of Tom and son James’s day out at the National Ploughing Championships


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