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Low-Stretch Picture Cord , per Meter

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length of Low Stretch Picture Cord. Choice of 5 Strengths available
Our Low-Stretch cord is made in the UK from white polyester fibre.
Laboratory tests show that at any given breaking strain, the extension with nylon was around 26%, but with polyester, only around 12%. This improvement in stretch characteristics is a great benefit to you. Polyester cannot rot, nor will moisture from the atmosphere change its characteristics. As a guide, to allow for ‘shock’ loading, the picture weight should be no more than about one quarter of the breaking strain.

Take care to always select fixing hardware which is more than strong enough.

Note: Sold per Meter Length. Select product quantity to choose length in Meters required. eg…If you require a 7m length of cord, enter product quantity of 7 for that item

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