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framing coins for display 3

Framing coins for display

Medal Framing is one of our specialties at Fine Framers, but closely associated with it is framing coins for display. The similarities between medals and coins mean we use the same techniques and materials, and deliver the same great results. One customer recently saw that for himself
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military medal framing sewing on

Military Medal Framing

We’ve been busy at Fine Framers with another Military Medals Framing project – one of the many specialist medal framing services we provide. People with a distinguished military service career are justifiably proud of their medals. We are always equally proud to design and create a cu
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army medal framing

Army Medal Framing

Medal framing is one of the more frequent services we provide here at Fine Framers. People are justifiably proud of the medals they or a loved one have earned in whatever walk of life, and a custom medal holder is the perfect way to display them. Sports medals top the list in order of
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custom made medal holder

A custom-made medal holder

At Fine Framers, we regularly do all sorts of object framing. One of our favourites is when we’re asked to design a custom-made medal holder. We know we’re doing it for a person who’s proud of what they have achieved, in sports or other pursuits. Sometimes, it’s the person themselves
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framing medals rosettes

Framing medals, rosettes, and more

At Fine Framers, people often ask us to frame medals, ribbons, rosettes or other prizes from sports events and other contests. Framing medals and other such prizes requires specialist skills and techniques if it is to be achieved properly. We’re proud that we have all the experience a
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