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Caring for your Framed Art

Caring for your framed artwork at Home

Avoid Heat Ideally pictures should not be hung above radiators. Extreme or rapid changes in temperature cause paper and wood to dry out and adhesives to fail Beware damp Damp can cause pictures to ripple. If the ripples touch the glass, the picture might stick and be hard to remove. D
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making memories last

Making Memories Last

Our motto at Fine Framers is ‘Make Your Memories Last a Lifetime’. We can help you do that by creating beautiful bespoke framed displays of any type that you bring us, of great sentimental value or family significance. We’ve recently completed another such project. This time, it was f
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large frame picture hanging

Large frame picture hanging

When we say at Fine Framers that we can frame anything, large or small, we really do mean it. Sometimes there’s a challenge involved, but we always find a way to overcome it. We had an example of that lately, with a large frame picture hanging project that involved a print of a massiv
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reframing photos feature image

Re-framing photos

Do you have older photos and frames that together are looking a little dated? Bring them to us at Fine Framers, and we can give them a whole new look. We’re regularly involved in reframing photos for customers. In many cases, the customer originally framed the photos in low quality re
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magazine article framing

Magazine Article Framing

Classic car enthusiast Peter Heary’s 1971 Triumph Spitfire is his pride and joy. So when it featured in Ireland’s leading classic cars magazine, he was proud enough to want to preserve the article for years to come. That’s why he came to us, as he knew our magazine article framing ser
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New Zealand Lions trip

Wonderful memories of a wonderful trip

One of latest projects at Fine Framers has seen us help preserve some wonderful memories of a wonderful trip for a well-known local family here in Carlow. Our client international rugby star Sean O’Brien’s sister Carloline. The trip was to New Zealand this year for the memorable Briti
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Large Picture Framing Lyrath Estate Hotel

Large Picture Framing for Lyrath Estate Hotel

When we say at Fine Framers that we can meet any framing challenge, we mean it! There’s proof of that in how we’re currently doing large picture framing for the Lyrath Estate Hotel in Kilkenny. The frames go up to a massive 10’ x 9’ in size. It would be a tough challenge for many to p
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framing medals rosettes

Framing medals, rosettes, and more

At Fine Framers, people often ask us to frame medals, ribbons, rosettes or other prizes from sports events and other contests. Framing medals and other such prizes requires specialist skills and techniques if it is to be achieved properly. We’re proud that we have all the experience a
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retirement gifts

Retirement Gifts from Fine Framers

Here at Fine Framers, we regularly produce retirement gifts that are thoughtful as can be, and 100% unique. The gifts feature objects and pictures that symbolise the retiring person’s career… all expertly laid out and framed by our specialist staff, to make a truly one-of-a-kind
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Adding a Fillet may enhance your picture framing project.

A fillet is a small piece of moulding which fits  typically, underneath or in between a mount , and is used for decorative purposes. Fillet can be pronounced in two ways. One way is to pronounce it as if it were “fill-it”, as the similar term from mechanical engineering is
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Complete frame

3D Framing a Doll

Over the years, we have framed a very wide range of art and objects and have so brought real joy to our customers. Many picture framers avoid some of the more complex framing tasks, but at Fine Framers, we welcome all framing challenges and so have built up a reputation of framing the
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Proto restoration

Photo Restoration-we restore many torn, damaged and faded photos, so you can relive those memories.

Back in the day when all photos were printed, only the lucky ones got well cared for by being placed in a photo album, while the remainder were probably placed in a shoe box.  As a child, I remember playing with  a drawer in the side board in the sitting room full to the brim with B&a
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Preserving memories - great day out

Preserving memories of a great day out

We regularly have people coming to us at Fine Framers with a collection of photographs of a special day, asking us to frame them in an appropriate way to help preserve the memories of that day for years to come. We advise that a collage arrangement, showing all the pictures together i
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Hand Finished Frames Featured

Hand Finished Framing – Where the possibilities are endless

At Fine Framers, we’re always looking for new initiatives and new methods to offer you the widest and best range of services of all framing experts – and we’re particularly proud of our latest one. We’re delighted to introduce Hand Finished Framing, bringing you a limitless number of
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Sean O Brien, Lions Tour Gear

Working with The Tullow Tank’s tops

Rugby superstar Sean O’Brien – of Leinster, Ireland, and Lions fame – is a man we know quite well at Fine Framers. The man known as ‘The Tullow Tank’ comes from just down the road from us here in Carlow, and is a regular visitor. We’re working on a particularly special project for him
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