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Non Contact Picture Framing

What to expect when you visit us .

This short video shows some of the measures we have taken to ensure your comfort and safety when you visit us.

This allows :

  • You will be the only customer in our store during your appointment time
  • You can park directly at our door
  • You can enter and leave without touching a door



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New Automatic Sliding Door

We are now operating on an “Appointment Only ” basis.
You may now complete an online booking. The duration of these appointments is 15 minutes.


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In order for us to continue to operate a framing service safely we intend to adhere to the best practices that are being adopted Internationally in our industry. We will be operating on a non contact basis only. You will be able to drop off your items for framing and collect completed framing projects by appointment only. You will be able to drive direct to a dedicated parking spot at our door for your drop off and collection. We will not be accepting cash, but will take credit card payments  or direct bank transfers.  You may now make a secure online Credit Card Payment directly on this web page. (via Stripe) This will be very different from the way we used to operate, but will allow us to provide a service “at a distance” keeping you and us safe. Pre Covid, our typical turnaround time was generally 2 weeks , but for now that time will be somewhat longer due to the quarantine period and delays in us receiving some materials from our suppliers.


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Dropping Off for Framing – By Appointment Only

  • Park at our Door
  • Our New Door will Slide Open
  • “Enter Customer  Only Area ” and leave your art or objects to be framed
  • This is your time and you will be the only customer in our shop during this time.

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    Secure “Customer Area” for You

  • Once you leave, the door will close
  • The duration of this appointment is 15 minutes.

This process allows you to drop off your framing job – completely without contact.


Designing your Framing Projects

Our Priority is to complete some great framing projects for you and to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe when you visit our store and interact with us.  With your support , we can do it  !




To book an appointment…see here …


For direct payments, our bank details are;

AIB , Carlow
IBAN IE45AIBK93310429565022


Make a secure online Credit Card Payment to Fine Framers

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