Fine Framers

Nancy Schaffner

“I wanted to thank Karen and Yvonne for their creative eye, talent, ingenuity – and wonderful management of the numerous framing projects they completed for me. I’ve had the pleasure to work with both Karen and Yvonne over the past 2 years and have been more than happy with the finished product: they not only framed my paintings and prints – they brought them to life. I’ve been interested in art for many years, have lived in several countries, and have had artwork framed by many studios and I can say, hand on heart, that Fine Framers has always exceeded expectations with the selection of materials – and making sure the combination is ‘right’. I Highly recommend Fine Framers. I’m unfortunately leaving Ireland for a few years, but look forward to returning and working with Karen and Yvonne again. Thank you again for your wonderful work and I wish you continued success.”